Meet Our Professional Team


We are team of experts bringing you an innovative medical solutions

Doing things right and doing the right things are at the foundation of our
most important values at SADco. We work hard every day to provide a new
technology of medical products that enhance the medical field, as well as
to make healthcare better in our community and our country, in addition to
transfer the knowledge that should improve health care services and ensure
our patients health as we are aware that HCP training is important to move forward with the field.


We are clear about what we mean when we talk about doing things right.

Thank you for upholding our values and helping us to be the best medical equipment provider we can be.


Mr. Abdulmajeed Awad

Chairman & General Manager

Mr. Saeed Awad

Deputy General Manager

Eng. Mohammed Awad

Sales & Marketing Director

Mrs. Inas Awad

Supply Chain Director

Eng. Rawad Al-Zubi

Sales Manager / Hospital Care

Dr. Moad Abu-Alian

IT Manager

Mr. Khaldoun Salameh

Accounts Manager

Ms. Khitam Al-Areed

Tenders & Pricing Manager

Eng. Ayman Al-Majali

Technical Manager

Mr. Muath Salem

Patients Care Manager

Ms. Enas Nadi

HR Supervisor