Our Projects


Cadaveric Lab

Most advance cadaveric lab in middle east designed & equipped  according to the international standards for the cadaveric lab with most advance technology of for training  & research purposes set up Initial capacity will be 8 functional stations with capability for future expansion up to 12 stations.

Gardens Hospital

9 Modular Operating Room

Future oriented hospital included  operating room with most advance facilities in operating room solutions, those OTs  were newly built by the modular concept from Hospital technike group and operating tables ,surgical light and Ceiling Pendant supplied by TRUMPF medical with  integration system & telecom solution from Stryker. A nine operating room were designed and equipped to cover all kind of surgery and flexible for  future expansion or renovation .

King Hussein Cancer Center

Pneumatic Tube Systems

1800 M Stainless Steel

46 Stations located in different departments in the Three Towers.

King Hussein Cancer Center

Ceiling-mounted Supply Unit

The first modular ICU pendants installed in 18 ICU room.

Ibn Haytham Hospital

Pneumatic Tube Systems

600 M PVC Tubes, 19 stations.

Specialty Hospital

Pneumatic Tube Systems

300 M PVC Tubes, 8  Stations.

Royal Medical Services

Pneumatic Tube Systems

250 M PVC Tubes, 5 stations.

Al Khaldi Hospital

Pneumatic Tube Systems

75 m PVC tubes, 2 stations (End to End Station ).

Gardens Hospital

Pneumatic Tube Systems

400 M PVC Tube, 17 Titan Stations.

King Hussain Cancer Center

18 ICU Rooms

“18 ICU Rooms at King Hussein Cancer Center equipped with most innovative ICU pendant supplied by TRUMPF (Truport) & specialized  ICU bed (Epic II) from Stryker

Full Installation & testing done by SADco’s team “

Queen Alia Hospital-Oncology

Turn Key Project

A turn key project for design, supply and installtion of two modular OR’s, complete and ready for operations as per the highest specifications and standards applied in the Hospital care construction and development.

Al-Kasih Factory

Pneumatic Tube Systems

A Design, Build and operation of Sample’s Pneumatic Transfer System for Al-Kasih Co., consisting of Blower devise (Type SD 4) and Sample’s transfer pipelines (70 m Length) controlled by/with Zone Master, Power Pack and Blower Control Unit.

The purpose of this system is to transfer “Jameed” samples from production line to lab station within shorter period and in safe conditions”.