Luxor Retractor

An oval shaped retractor designed to provide minimally invasive access to the posterior thoracolumbar spine

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Xia® 3 Spinal System

With over a decade of consistent Performance, the Xia® buttress Thread blocker helps to eliminate Cross-threading, prevent screw head Splaying, and ensure secure closure.

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Xia® 3 SUK®

Direct Vertebral Rotation (DVR) System

Rotation (DVR) System utilizes the power of pedicle screw fixation and provides surgeons a three dimensional approach to correcting deformity.

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ES2® Spinal System​​​​​​​

MIS Pedicel Screws  

• Integrated Blade Design with 15mm of Built-in Reduction Threads.

• Innovative Instrumentation for Simplicity.

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Bone cement ( Spine plex ½ Dose )

Spine Plex is a derivative of Simplex P Bone Cement.

Spine Plex 20g contains the same polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) and is manufactured using the same propriety process.

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Xia Anterior System

This System provides surgeons with a simple and proven solution to anterior thoraco-lumbar trauma, tumor and scoliosis correction and represents the latest in a long line of enhancements tot he XIA product line.

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Xia 4.5 Spinal System Pediatric System

The Xia Pediatric Spinal System is a comprehensive posterior thoraco-lumber fixation system that is designed to treat trauma, and deformity applications.

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OASYS® Occipito-Cervico-Thoracic System

The OASYS Occipito-Cervico-Thoracic System was developed to provide the surgeon with versatility for the treatment of pathologies of the occipitocervical junction and the posterior cervical and upper thoracic spine. 

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Solis Cervical Cage

The SOLIS Cervical cage is a hollow, round interbody device designed for use in the cervical spine. The design of the SOLIS implant features serrations on the top and bottom of the cage to enhance a secure, confident fit. 

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Reflex Hybrid

The Reflex® Hybrid Anterior Cervical Plate system offers optimized versatility along with an easy, reproducible implantation technique. 

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VBOSS is a static vertebral body replacement system designed as a hollow cylindrical tube. 

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Radiofrequency ablation Multigen

Made for reliability, efficiency, and ultimate control and customization, our Performance Platform delivers an unrivaled advantage for you and your patients.

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VLIFT is an expandable vertebral body replacement system that utilizes a distractible in-situ (DIS) implant, which enables the surgeon to adjust the height of the cage to suit the anatomy of the patient. 

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AVS TL is a posterior lumbar interbody fusion device made from PEEK radiolucent polymer. The implant is shaped like a banana cage and designed to sit on the epohpyseal ring. 

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Posterior lumbar PEEK spacer designed for both bilateral PLIF and oblique TLIF surgical approaches

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Mesa 2 Deformity

The next-generation Mesa 2 screws are top-loading, low-profile, and feature Zero-Torque Technology . The streamlined instrumentation is designed for efficiency and ease of use. This system is poised to address the most difficult correction maneuvers for complex spinal pathologies.

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iVAS elite balloon system

The iVAS system used during vertebral augmentation utilizes a balloon catheter to create a void in the collapsed vertebra, helping to allow for controlled and contained cement delivery. The hardened cement creates an internal cast that stabilizes the fracture thereby alleviating pain in approximately 90% of patients.(1) With the addition of the iVAS Elite system to our industry-leading portfolio, your single source just became your elite source for vertebral augmentation.

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Cervical Spine Anterior Retractor System

Low-profile hinged retractor frames conform to the contours of most patient anatomies patented blade hub and auto-locking blade grasper are designed To ensure stable and accurate blade attachment eliminate blade misalignment. 

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