External fixation System

Hoffmann Compact ​​​​​​​

In 1938, Raoul Hoffmann, a surgeon from Geneva, Switzerland, designed a revolutionary External Fixation System. The basic features of this system were its modular design and the ability to reduce fractures or to make post operative corrections to the alignment of fragments in three planes with the frame in situ.

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Hoffmann II Micro

Based on the unique Hoffmann II Micro System for fracture management, Stryker has developed the Hoffmann II Micro Lengthener for metacarpal, metatarsal, or phalangeal lengthening. It may also be used for compression in arthrodesis or non-union cases.

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Hoffmann II Compact

The Hoffmann II Compact upper extremity fixator is designed to complement the anatomy of the distal radius by allowing independent movement of its clamps in multiple planes. It has a simple frame design, and offers versatility and ease of use.

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