Tissue Repair

LifeNet Health Acellular Dermal Matrix

Bio-implants are decellularized using Matracell, a proprietary and patented technology that removes ≥ 97% of the donor DNA without compromising the desired biomechanical or biochemical properties, and allows for rapid cellular infiltration and re-vascularization.​​​​​​​


Dermacell is a technologically advanced acellular dermal matrix used in Advanced Wound Management (AWM) & Soft Tissue Reconstruction.

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OrACELL® is an acellular dermal matrix intended to be used in conjunction with guided tissue and bone regeneration, and oral soft tissue correction.

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LifeNet Health ReadiGRAFT® Fascia lata Graft

ReadiGRAFT® Fascia Lata is a fibrous covering of muscle recovered from the lateral aspect of the thigh. For Dural replacement, Blepharoplasty (Drooped Eyelid Repair), and Reconstruction of rotator cuff, ACL, and PCL.

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