Bone Repair

ReadiGRAFT® Crushed Cancellous chips 15 cc

Cancellous or trabecular bone that is crushed from the distal femur, condyles, proximal tibia, femoral head, distal tibia, and humeral head.

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Optium® Demineralized bone matrix (DBM)

Demineralized bone matrix that has osteoinductive potential and is osteoconductive, it is composed of demineralized bone from human donors in a biocompatible carrier.

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Optium® DBM Gel  (1,5,10 cc)

A Demineralized bone matrix which composed of Particulates in a glycerol carrier.

Optium® DBM Putty (1,5,10 cc)

A Demineralized bone matrix which composed of bone fibers in a glycerol carrier.​​​​​​​

MatriGRAFT® Structural Bone

Fresh Frozen structural allografts, including structural repair struts, shafts, wedges, condyles or heads.

Lifenet Health also offers large segmental and reconstructive allograft bio-implants to meet the challenging demands of reconstructive procedures.

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Synthetic Cartilage Implant

The Cartiva SCI is a novel osteochondral defect repair implant with properties similar to those of cartilage, designed for the treatment of first metatarsophalangeal joint osteoarthritis.

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