Micro Surgical Power Tools


Solution for a variety of small bone procedures.

Combined with a variety of different cutting accessories, TPX enables the cutting and shaping of bone for small bone procedures.

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Saber Drill


With 60,000 RPM of speed, our Saber Drill is a powerful, versatile option that delivers the capacity and control you need for neuro, spine and ENT procedures. Saber’s integrated irrigation helps protect delicate tissues. 

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πdrive +

The πdrive+ Motor design builds upon our breakthrough πdrive design that re-imagined how electric motors work. We replaced the nonfunctioning steel core in conventional motors with magnets in a “pie” configuration that use space more efficiently and reduce the size of the overall housing.

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Sonopet IQ Ultrasonic Aspirator System

The Sonopet iQ Ultrasonic Aspirator not only delivers the power and control you need to fragment, emulsify and aspirate soft tissue and bone, but is also equipped with on-demand customizable features and RFID-enabled intelligence to help optimize your performance.

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At the core of this drill is our industry-exclusive πdrive Technology—a re-imagined motor that reconfigures internal components to create efficient, lightweight power and performance.

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