Anesthesia System

Anesthesia Workstation A7

A full range of ICU grade ventilation modes meet your demands through all the stages of anesthesia.

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Anesthesia Machine WATO EX-65

The WATO EX-65 takes the recognized feature-rich anesthesia system to the next level. Equipped with smarter ventilator technology and enhanced monitoring capabilities, the WATO EX-65 supports precise anesthesia and comprehensive ventilation modes, to fully meet the needs of all your patients.

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Anesthesia Machine WATO EX-35

The new WATO EX-35 UI enables the user to make adjustments to vent mode and monitor settings easier than ever before at this product level. The new touch responsive Smart Alarm system provides real-time detailed information that quickly and clearly alerts the clinician to adverse situations highlighting the need for early interaction and resolution.

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