Endoscopy Camera

1588 AIM camera

The 1588 Advanced Imaging Modalities (AIM) Platform standardizes your operating room by providing one simplified solution that is personalized for you and simplified for your staff.

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1688 AIM camera

The 1688 camera head offers brilliant 4K resolution for crystal-clear images and improved visualization during surgery

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1488 HD  3-chip camera

The 1488 HD Camera System utilizes advanced CMOS technology and premium optics to continue the legacy of best-in-class video systems that Stryker has delivered to its customers for over 25 years.

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Light source

L 10

The LED light source provides real-time endoscopic visibility and near-infrared fluorescence imaging. This enables you to perform minimally invasive surgery using standard endoscopic visible light as well as visual assessment of vessels, blood flow, related tissue perfusion and biliary anatomy near-infrared imaging. 

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L 11

The proprietary autolight technology which is designed to automatically provide consistent lighting based on anatomy, enables surgeons to focus on the procedure at hand and nothing else.

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Connected OR Hub

The Connected OR Hub provides total control of the entire visualization system from the surgical field. The new intuitive interface and improved work flow, as compared to previous generations, matches real-world application, making control faster and easier than ever before.

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VisionPro LED display

26" VisionPro SYNK Wireless Display with LED backlighting and integrated wireless technology, is brighter, thinner, and lighter than previous generations. 

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4K 32" surgical display

32" 4K Surgical Display is designed to increase the visual experience in the operating room than with previous generations.

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Precision light source

LED light source is indicated for use to provide real-time endoscopic visibility. The use of LED technology eliminates the need to change a light bulb, reducing lifetime ownership cost and environmental waste.

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SPY Portable Handheld Imager (SPY-PHI) utilizes SPY Fluorescence Imaging technology and allows surgeons to visualize blood flow in vessels and related tissue perfusion during plastic, microsurgical, reconstructive and gastrointestinal procedures.

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Precision AC

The Precision AC is Stryker's second generation autoclavable camera system. The Precision AC outputs a 1080p resolution, offering a significantly brighter image with more visible lines of resolution than the 1188 AC. In addition, the Precision AC Camera system incorporates Dynamic Range Enhancement (DRE) technology.

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- Four shelves.

- One drawer.

- CO2 tank bracket.

- Flat panel mounting arm.

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