PneumoSure XL Insufflator

A 45 liter insufflator that provides integrated heating options.

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FluidSafe system​​​​​​​

This all-in-one fluid management system includes everything you need for optimal fluid management: deficit scales, fluid-monitoring console and pump. Programmable pressure and flow rates allow for customized fluid management.

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Scopes ​​​​​

- Standard.

- Safe and Durable.

- 5mm 30cm and 45cm lengths.

- 10mm 30cm and 45cm lengths.

- IDEAL EYES optics offer optimal image quality.

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PneumoClear Insufflator


This 50 liter insufflator is the first all-inclusive integrated heating, humidification, and smoke evacuation platform on the market. It provides consistently clear images through an inflow and outflow management system, designed for stability while actively evacuating smoke.

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